Sunday in Lilongwe

I slept-in to 7:30 a.m. this morning. I got a cup of “coffee” (instant) at the Lodge and sat in the patio area at the back enjoying the morning sun along with my coffee, a scone I bought the day before, a fresh banana and a yogurt I also bought at the store. One of the resident cats at the Lodge joined me…prefering to stay in a shady corner while I grabbed up the sunshine. (The cats are for looking at and enjoying from a distance. They are aloof and — almost certainly — carrying various bugs and infections best avoided by humans. Nice company, nonetheless.)

I read for a while — still working my way through Stephanie Nolan’s 28 Stories of AIDs…feeling more able to read and, if necessary, let some tears roll as I absorb the information and tragic tales they provide. There is hopefulness, too….and I am happy to be part of some of the hopeful work around AIDS in Malawi.

Now I am sitting in the nearby Capital Hotel lobby, having a coffee and working on the internet wirelessly. It costs 2,000 kwatcha (approx $15 Canadian) for 5 hours on-line in this mode. I can get internet more cheaply in Old Town, but this is very convenient (only 5 minute walk from the Country Garden Lodge) and very congenial.


  1. Gen says:

    Hi Vicki!

    The photos are great … I can picture you on the patio yesterday morning in the sun …

    Stay well!


  2. Bruce says:

    It’s all too incredible. I’ve just come to the site of your blog, thanks to Sharon C. This is really enjoyable. You’ve got a good eye for an experience and you’re bringing these to life in word, very well. I’ll be a frequent observer/reader.
    Stay well.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Vicki!
    Bruce just showed me how to be a “Blog” girl ~ more later…..